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Anchor Planning can benefit your facility in endless ways, thanks to our medical equipment planning services. Our women-owned business has offices on both coasts, and we work closely with private and government healthcare operations worldwide. We take your budget, needs, and goals into account when providing services for inventory, coordination, distribution, and more. Our solutions are realistic and effective.

We are very familiar with the complicated healthcare industry and know all the steps required to perform a detailed and concise medical equipment inventory. A proper list lays the groundwork for further procurement, management, and design. At Anchor Planning, we strive to be the source for everything related to medical equipment and healthcare facilities. And some of out comprehensive services include:

Medical Equipment Planning

We balance the needs of patient care, healthcare technology, and program requirements during the planning process while working with your project team. We assist in specifying every piece of equipment and ensure team members have information to validate their decisions.

Existing Medical Equipment Inventory

We develop a medical equipment inventory for the basis of an equipment plan which defines reuse versus new purchases. You choose a summary or detailed inventory assessment based on your specific needs.

Transition Management

We focus on facility operations, including inter-departmental patient flow, care model integration, communication, processes, training, and education. This lets your team focus on patient care while our professionals engage you as needed to ensure transition success.

Patient Relocation

Moving multiple patients can be overwhelming for everyone involved. Our patient relocation plans consider all potential issues, including travel paths, pharmaceutical needs, and critical care equipment. We coordinate with EMS and staff to conduct practice runs, confirming plan feasibility and safety.

Medical Equipment Planning by Anchor Planning

Medical Equipment Planning

Your facility needs the right combination of equipment and supplies to create optimal working conditions for streamlined patient care. We’ll access the efficacy of your current medical equipment planning system using our knowledge and expertise. We’ll assess the equipment you have on-site to determine its performance and project its lifespan. From installation coordination to budgeting, our team provides comprehensive, time-saving services.

Healthcare Transition Planning by Anchor Planning

Healthcare Transition Planning

We offer healthcare transition planning that streamlines the process by focusing on patient flow from one location to another. You can count on us to help you create a care model that allows you to deliver individualized medical treatment in the most efficient manner possible. Additionally, we help you understand the importance of communication between departments in avoiding misunderstandings that could impede patient care services.

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