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Our Many Medical Equipment Services

The ways in which Anchor Planning’s offerings can benefit your facility are endless. Our women-owned business works in both private and government sectors of healthcare all around the world. From budgeting to inventory, coordination, and more, our medical equipment services ensure your team has what you need to succeed. We take your needs, budget, and goals into account to provide solutions that are both realistic and effective. Thanks to our offices on the East and West Coast, it’s easy for us to bring our medical equipment planning benefits to all who need them.


Healthcare is as complicated as it is important, and you want a team of professionals on your side who know it well. We know all the steps to perform medical equipment inventory that’s as concise or detailed as you’d like it to be. This is integral to your future plans and sets you up for success in all of your healthcare endeavors. From there, we can help you with medical equipment procurement, management, or design as necessary, among other services. Anchor Planning strives to be a comprehensive source for everything related to medical equipment and healthcare transitioning for facilities like yours.   

Capital Equipment Replacement Planning

Medical Equipment Services | Anchor Planning

We review your capital medical assets and complete a comprehensive analysis of the replacement needs based on variable criteria, such as FDA recalls, cost to maintain, etc. This yields a three, five, or seven-year plan for capital replacement spending.

Existing Medical Equipment Inventory

Medical Equipment Services | Anchor Planning

Our team develops a medical equipment inventory of existing assets that provides the foundation for the equipment plan and defines equipment reuse versus new purchases. You may select a summary, or a detailed inventory assessment based on your specific needs.

Equipment Budgeting

Medical Equipment Services | Anchor Planning

Our team will assemble a detailed room-by-room equipment budget based on your program or a summary budget based on a concept. Equipment is the second largest project cost next to construction, so it is important to ensure this is budgeted correctly.

Medical Equipment Planning

Medical Equipment Services | Anchor Planning

Our planners balance the needs of patient care, available healthcare technology, program requirements during our planning process while collaborating with the project team. We assist in specifying each piece of equipment and ensuring all team members receive pertinent information to validate their decisions.

Medical Equipment Procurement Management

Medical Equipment Services | Anchor Planning

We provide procurement assistance to complement your purchasing department's existing processes. We assemble purchasing schedules, request bids and quotes, analyze pricing, negotiate and write purchase order requisitions, and provide reporting. We track the equipment budget closely and pride ourselves on continued savings. 

Install Coordination

Medical Equipment Services | Anchor Planning

We review the selected FF&E and coordinate with the construction team to verify the design and plan meet the vendor-specific requirements. Our staff manages the install schedule, logistics, delivery, installation, and training coordination. We also provide on-site support for check-in and placement for all new equipment.

Transition & Move Planning Services

Transition Management

Medical Equipment Services | Anchor Planning

Our transition professionals focus on facility operations, including inter-departmental patient flow, care model integration, communication, processes, training, and education. This allows staff to remain focused on patient care, while our professionals engage you as needed to ensure transition success.

Project Coordination

Medical Equipment Services | Anchor Planning

Project coordination targets owner-related activities, pre- and post-construction, and before occupancy. We proactively manage the owner activity schedule, including signage, equipment, security, IS, cleaning, marketing, keys, linen, and distribution to ensure the target opening date is met.

Facility Readiness

Medical Equipment Services | Anchor Planning

New hospitals, renovations, or areas are only as functional as their smallest details. We compile detailed schedules and facility readiness plans that include interim security plans, delivery of food, supplies, linen, EVS supplies, medications, and item stocking. We coordinate a mock go-live to ensure nothing is missed.

Patient Relocation

Medical Equipment Services | Anchor Planning

Moving numerous patients simultaneously can be overwhelming for staff, patients, and families. Our patient relocation plans consider all potential issues, including travel paths, pharmaceutical needs, and critical care equipment. We coordinate with EMS and staff to conduct practice runs, confirming plan feasibility and safety.

Hospital Move Management

Medical Equipment Services | Anchor Planning

The team will meet and coordinate with staff, compile detailed move plans and schedules, and provide on-site move supervision and management. Our move plans include events such as IS disconnects, required vendor involvement, MEP support, clinical engineering needs, and dietary/pharmacy stocking.


Medical Equipment Services | Anchor Planning

Our team remains on-site after your facility opens to provide a single point of contact for all staff needs, questions, and concerns. We man a command center and triage action items to responsible parties.

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