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Complete Medical Equipment Planning Services

Take full control of your medical facility's inventory and equipment needs by working with the team at Anchor Planning. We provide comprehensive medical equipment planning services and work closely with government and private healthcare operations worldwide. We take your goals, budget, and needs into account when providing services for inventory, coordination, distribution, and more. Some of the services we offer include:

Capital Equipment Replacement Planning

Medical Equipment Planning | Anchor Planning

We’ll review your capital medical assets with a thorough analysis of replacement needs based on variables such as FDA recalls, maintenance costs, etc. The result is a three-, five- or seven-year plan for capital replacement spending.

Existing Medical Equipment Inventory

Medical Equipment Planning | Anchor Planning

We develop a medical equipment inventory for the basis of an equipment plan which defines reuse versus new purchases. You choose a summary or detailed inventory assessment based on your specific needs.

Equipment Budgeting

Medical Equipment Planning | Anchor Planning

We compile a room-by-room equipment budget for your program or a summary budget based on a concept. Equipment is only second to construction in project costs, so it’s important to budget this correctly.

Medical Equipment Planning

Medical Equipment Planning | Anchor Planning

We balance the needs of patient care, healthcare technology, and program requirements during the planning process while working with your project team. We assist in specifying every piece of equipment and ensure team members have information to validate their decisions.

Medical Equipment Procurement Management

Medical Equipment Planning | Anchor Planning

We offer medical equipment procurement assistance to aid your purchasing department’s process. We gather purchasing schedules, request bids and quotes, analyze prices, negotiate and write purchase order requisitions, and provide reports. Our team closely tracks the budget and prides itself on your ongoing savings.

Install Coordination

Medical Equipment Planning | Anchor Planning

We review FF&E and coordinate with the construction team to ensure that the design and plan meet vendor-specific requirements. Our staff manages the install schedule, logistics, delivery, installation, and training coordination. We also offer on-site support for check-in and placement for all new equipment.