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Hospital Transition Planning from Highly Experienced Professionals

Running a healthcare system or building a new facility is challenging enough, but it’s even more so when you account for equipment and relocation issues. Save yourself some trouble and let Anchor Planning handle that. Our team works all over North America to ensure those building and running these businesses have the help they need for success. We thank you for your interest and look forward to hearing from you soon about hospital transition planning.

Anchor Planning is a woman-owned enterprise working with both private and government clients to provide the best care possible for their current or future patients. We’re proud to offer custom, detailed services that meet your needs rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. Contact us for a free consultation and service assessment to get started.

Top-Tier Support for Patient and Equipment Needs

Our medical equipment services include inventory, procurement management, budgeting, and replacement planning. Each of these is imperative for keeping up with industry technology or weathering through FDA recalls. Another essential service is patient relocation, particularly when many of them must be moved at once in an emergency. Our team has the skills to guide your project through both of these situations. Call us to find out how.

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